Cooking with insects

Cooking with insects
Cooking with insects
Cooking with insects
Cooking with insects

Cooking with insects

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Creative recipes and lots of information on the food of the future

Tasty, tasty, simply delicious! Fried grasshoppers with chili, roasted larvae on a bed of wild herbs, crickets with honey and sesame, delicious miller darkness larvae pralines… are just some of the delicacies in this book, which demonstrates how insects are surprisingly good to eat! It is no coincidence that in many countries around the world they are considered real delicacies, which we already find on the menu of over two billion people. And in Europe too, we are beginning to discover the potential of insects in the kitchen, available for purchase on the Internet or in some specialized stores.

But insects are much more than just a culinary adventure. Rich in nutrients, they are particularly attractive due to the reduced environmental impact of their farming, which is much lower than that of current intensive meat farms. For some years, FAO itself has recognized its fundamental protein intake (as well as vitamins and fiber), and has invited industrialized countries to overcome prejudices and accept them as "food of the future", which is very important from both a nutritional and environmental. If, in fact, 8 kg of feed (and 15,000 liters of water) are used to produce 1 kg of veal, 2 kg of feed (and just 7.5 liters of water) are enough to obtain 1 kg of insects. Not to mention the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and land occupation.

In order to feed an ever-growing population, which is expected to exceed 9 billion in the next decade, it is necessary to find alternative solutions to the food system current, and this book offers you a practicable, fun and decidedly unusual one to start you on the path of the future!

Folke Dammann , graduated in communication design at the Institute of Design in Hamburg , approached the insect kitchen industry after reading a UN document on insects as the food of the future. Convinced of the importance of their reduced environmental impact, in 2013 he founded " Snack-Insects ", a shop that sells edible insects bred in Europe online. In addition to running the shop, he is actively involved in information activities and organizes tasting evenings to break the wall of prejudice that still surrounds the insect-based cuisine.

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