Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints

Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints
Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints
Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints
Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints
Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints
Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints

Hieronymus Bosch - set of prints

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Sixteen beautiful 25.4 x 33.0 cm prints of the brilliant painter Hieronymus Bosch packed in a sturdy cardboard box to transform an empty wall into a personalized display.

Sixteen visions of the artist, works full of grotesque, bizarre and monstrous figures, which arouse amazement and make us reflect on the dark and irrational sides of life.

Just 20 paintings and eight drawings are attributed with certainty to the Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch (ca. 1450–1516), yet the fantastic visions they inhabit were enough to make him one of the cult artists of the entire history of art . 500 years after his death, his works continue to inspire scholars, artists, designers, stylists, musicians, etc.
Part of the problem of decoding his shocking and strongly allegorical paintings is due to the fact that he is practically unknown nothing of the artist himself, except the place of birth. We have no news of his life or his education, no personal letters, diaries or notebooks, and no contemporary contributions relating to his personality or reflections on the meaning of his art. Even the date of his birth can only be approximated, based on a drawing that is believed to be a self-portrait made shortly before his death in 1516, and which is presumed to portray the almost seventy-year-old artist. Bosch remains as mysterious as the world he painted.
Although rooted in the tradition of Flemish painting, Bosch developed a highly subjective and suggestive formal language. With a mixture of religious sadness and satanic humor, illustrated both the delights of Heaven and the cruelly imaginative tortures of Hell . In his pictorial world teeming with surrealist nightmares, the medieval imagination ignites in a last moment of great splendor before succumbing to humanism and modern rationalism.

"A depiction of the Earth by Bosch it was hanging over my child's bed, my father had hung it. For me it has always represented the planet and the ecological utopia, it was an inspiration and a promise of the future ". - Leonardo Di Caprio

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