Small Pocket Guide to Dangerous Animals in Literature

Small Pocket Guide to Dangerous Animals in Literature
Small Pocket Guide to Dangerous Animals in Literature
Small Pocket Guide to Dangerous Animals in Literature

Small Pocket Guide to Dangerous Animals in Literature

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In spring, when the countryside awakens from the gray winter torpor, and swallows and flowers invite you with their voices and their scents to enjoy so much joy walking in nature, it sometimes happens that you have to interrupt your excursion because of a large snake, lying lazily in the middle of the road.

After all, who has never had such an encounter? Well, probably most of us ... but that doesn't mean we have the luxury of feeling too safe! In fact it is not necessary to go into remote places where nature reigns supreme to come across dangerous creatures; even those who prefer the quiet crackling of a fireplace and the company of a good book can have to do with animals with an at least restless temperament.

To see it this way, a book is the image of tranquility, but not all its inhabitants reflect its placid nature.

Because wolves, snakes, spiders and other abominations do not live only among the crumbling battlements of ancient towers, or in the terrible forgotten woods; they are especially frequent among the yellowed pages of splendid tales, often forgotten.

Sometimes animals serve only as a gimmick, a monkey's paw as an amulet, or the memory of pages that speak of parody mice; in some cases their thought is enough to terrify as much as the real beast; at other times (the most unfortunate) they find themselves breathing their fetid breath, staring into their bloodshot eyes. There are lands inhabited by abominable creatures; others, apparently docile, become so to the unleashing of dark forces.

And this magical shaping energy is nothing more than writing.

So what are you waiting for?

This book is for US, Indiana Jones in Bermuda shorts, Jacques Cousteau in slippers and socks, Lara Croft with thermal cover and gloves.

< p> To survive even the scariest creatures that nature (or literature) has imagined ... without having to get off the couch.

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