Saints, sailors and whales ...

Saints, sailors and whales ...
Saints, sailors and whales ...
Saints, sailors and whales ...

Saints, sailors and whales ...

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There are areas that by their very nature and the audience of users to whom they are addressed, despite belonging to the world of iconic production, are hardly counted in the sphere of art, the one with a capital A, the one that fills the pages glossy and elite magazines and which relegates the former to publications, which are also niche, but more popular and cheap in packaging or, at most, marginalize them with decidedly underground forms of communication and dissemination. The variegated world of tattooing is one of these, in its perennial oscillation between mediocre amateur expressions and extremely refined and complex forms. However, even the latter are blocked the way to be able to achieve that aesthetic value that would be theirs if only they looked at them without preconceptions.

Even the "cultured" tattoos of Pietro Sedda inhabit that limbo, that dimension in the balance between mere subjective experience, linked to the taste of those who wear them on their skin and, therefore, by definition, not classifiable as works of art, and that quality that, vice versa, would make them cult works for galleries à la page if only they were transferred to other media. The ambiguity, moreover, lies entirely in the "character" Pietro Sedda, an ambiguity in part suffered and in part knowingly desired and always in tension between two polarities: tattoo artist by profession among the most renowned and appreciated internationally and / or visual artist, refined and conceptually complex as well as reluctant to be harnessed in the Contemporary establishment.

Saints, sailors and whales ... and disasters , was born on the thread of this ambiguity between a monograph artist and a tattoo book. Wanted to give a paper and transportable support to the work of Pietro Sedda, it is also an attempt to broaden the interest in this ancient art which in recent years has become a fashion phenomenon and almost an obligatory decoration of the body, combining it above all with artistic world of which he indisputably belongs.

The artist:
Pietro Sedda
, of Sardinian origins and Milanese by adoption, is one of the #tattooArtists cult Italians of the moment, thanks to the unmistakable artistic imprint of his work. His work is so appreciated and sought after internationally that, to get an appointment, it is necessary to book several months in advance.
In 2014 he “tattooed” nine Fritz Hansen Grand Prix chairs that were sold at auction and the proceeds of which were donated to Dynamo Camp , the first recreational therapy camp in Italy that welcomes children aged 6 to 17 with serious illnesses free of charge.

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