Secret societies and dark cults

Secret societies and dark cults
Secret societies and dark cults
Secret societies and dark cults
Secret societies and dark cults

Secret societies and dark cults

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A surprising story of the most dangerous secret organizations.

Secret societies and dark cults is a disturbing journey into the mysterious world of the most dangerous and secretive movements in history. From religious sects awaiting the end of the world to modern criminal organizations operating outside the confines of the law, the volume sheds light on groups that want to remain in the shadows. What has led men to gather in secret since the dawn of time, hiding their activities from others?
Starting with the Iron Age, the volume traces a history rich in human sacrifice, political assassinations, zealous priests and prophets mystics. From clandestine orders to delusional murderous cults, the author examines all kinds of secret organizations, whether they are confined to the margins of society or settled in the centers of power. In these pages, we will discover apocalyptic cults such as the Taipings, whose beliefs sparked a revolution in imperial China, the chilling activities of murderous cults, such as the Manson Family, and orders that force their members to commit suicide. Finally, a look at contemporary secret societies will reveal that these organizations are anything but a thing of the past. Packed with illustrations and shocking anecdotes, the volume is an opportunity to finally get to know what moves in the shadows.

Jonathan J. Moore graduated in art from Melbourne University, later specializing in history and English. For about twenty years he has been working as a teacher and author. In his research work he focuses on lesser known aspects of history, with a particular interest in Bronze Age Greece and the Etruscan civilization.
He has worked on several archaeological excavations and loves to participate in historical re-enactment events, in particularly those relating to the American Civil War, the English Civil War and the Napoleonic period. Passionate about wargame, he has written articles for several publications.

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