Emerald table

Emerald table
Emerald table
Emerald table
Emerald table

Emerald table

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As those who remember say.

As those who tell say.
In the mists of time, in the darkness of oblivion ...
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After the devastating wars against machines, exhausted humanity conceived the project of the Smeraldina Table to find its central position in the cosmos and to decipher the plot of the Whole. Precisely for this purpose, the lineage of golems was created, immortal humanoids shaped with clay that have been patrolling and documenting the universe since time immemorial, giving shape with their knowledge to the text of the table. Among the most illustrious exponents of his race, Taddeo il Guercio has left us a rich corpus of testimonies of his wanderings in the immense vastness dotted with stars, of which this volume offers a selection accompanied by philological analyzes and explanatory comments. Through the eyes and ears of the golem, we too can therefore travel among nebulae that conceal space-time conduits, moons that generate and then swallow extraordinary creatures, planets where life-extending soma gushes out and remains of a failed panspermic insemination project. . We will thus undertake a path of initiation into the arcane mysteries of the universe, pursuing our fascination for the unknown and the will to become One with the All, well aware that our maximum realization will also mark our end.

After having led us to the discovery of the phantasmagoric garden of Apparitio Albinus and of the Speculare island , Claudio Romo draws on the alchemical, philosophical and spiritual tradition - as well as on the great novels and comics of the genre science fiction - to accompany us on an intergalactic odyssey to the ends of the cosmos, once again stimulating our thirst for understanding of Nature and our amazement at its prodigies.

Readings and films that inspired this book:
“Utopia of a man who is tired” , in The book of sand , Jorge Luis Borges, Adelphi, 2008. < br> Dune , Frank Herbert, Fanucci, 2016.
Solaris , Stanisław Lem, Selle rio, 2013.
L'Incal , Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, Magic Press, 2012.
The world of Edena , Moebius, Magic Press, 2017.
The Eternauta , Héctor Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López, 001 Editions, 2017.
The wild planet , René Laloux, 1973.

The author:
Claudio Andrés Salvador Francisco Romo Torres (Claudio Romo) is an illustrator and writer born in the port city of Talcahuano, Chile, in 1968 He studied Plastic Arts at the Universidad de Concepción and obtained a Masters in Visual Arts with a specialization in Graphics at the Academia de San Carlos, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, UNAM México. Today he is professor of graphics and design at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile.

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